UI/UX designer - Artjom Pähkel

UI/UX designer, Webflow developer, Project Manager- Anastasiia Khrapal


Online community in Metaverse






Choice is a united community that champions LGBTQIA+ rights and fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion using secure, immersive tech. To back Choice's upcoming fundraiser, we've redesigned the website to shape a better future for the community and enable further growth.


The old website is struggling to attract new members and sponsors due to neglect and lack of clarity. Users are hesitant to try the new platform because they're unsure about its usage and contents.


Redesign the website with clear sections for users, sponsors, artists, and partners. Add short videos to explain features. Make joining, partnering, and art participation easy with clear links. Showcase partners and exhibitions for credibility. Simplify artist sign-up with a dedicated page. These changes boost user confidence and encourage engagement.


Pink was chosen to match the community's logo, while soft background colors reflect its supportive nature. The "Clash Display" font was selected for a modern feel, catering to a tech-savvy audience familiar with digital platforms. This design aims to connect with both the community's existing members and newcomers, creating an inclusive and welcoming experience.


Experience a modern, user-friendly website with clear navigation, catering to both potential members and partners. Anticipate a dynamic platform resulting in a 30% membership boost, expanded partner network, elevated engagement levels, and a 20% increase in website traffic within just 3 months.

client's feedback

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Anastasia on

We had an amazing connection and communicated effectively while having fun doing it. Anastasiia has a deep knowledge of website development, UI/UX and functionalities. She grasped well the concept and needs and delivered an awesome website that is appealing, engaging and user-friendly. She is the real creator who also knows the internal processes and delivers in a timely manner.
Ksenia Stark